Some spoken word poetry about Team Formulation.

There’s no “I” in Team.

Go look at my Formulation and you’ll soon know what I mean.

They say it’s routine

to rewrite my history in a way I could not have foreseen.

It’s obscene,

And quite frankly, they should know better.

They wish to place emphasis on what happened

Whilst at the same time forgetting that it happened to ME

There’s no “I” in Person Centred Care.

It’s my story to tell

My truth to share

And only I should get to decide who hears it and where.

I should be in control.

You don’t get to dictate my goals

Or define your role

In MY life.

The power should belong to me.

I don’t need you to empower me.

I need you to respect me,

and acknowledge that your power affects me.

To consider how it affects me

And take suitable steps to gain informed consent from me.

I don’t need a permanent medical record of the trauma I endured.

Yes I am sure.

If you’re still unsure

Of exactly why I am wary of Formulation, after hearing these words –

I can’t make you listen

But I’ll make myself heard.

True collaboration cannot exist if it is enforced.

Any treatment will not be helpful simply because it is endorsed

By you.

Or any of your friends.

Erase my life from your system,

Let me get some power back from your hands.

Give me control

Give me choice

And quit acting like this is an unreasonable demand.

Yes I was sexually abused,

And Yes, it messed up my head,

Yes, I wanted support from you

But I was horribly misled.

The entire system,

of which you are a part of,

Has ripped my truth apart

From the very start.

Published by The Diaries of Donna

I’m a proud mummy of two babies - Toddler Tornado and Little Miss. I like to write when I can about a lot of different things. Usually mental health related. I have “lived experience” of mental illness and perinatal mental illness. I’m also a CSA survivor. Warrior Woman. Loving being a mum. ❤️

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