To Be a Mother (originally written in 2018)

To be a mother,
Is to have my soul opened up to a world of wonderful changes.
Unconditional love,
Innocence and beauty,
A reflection of my soul and the soul of my beloved.
To be a mother,
Is to know that,
If at first my world does not feel wonderful,
Or I am left wondering what unconditional love is,
That I am not alone.
To be a mother,
Is to stop comparing myself with the unidentified, “other”,
To accept that we all have our own struggles,
And to understand that whenever I feel low,
It does not mean that I am a bad mother.
To be a mother,
Is to know that there is no such thing as the perfect mother,
To allow myself to feel whatever I feel,
Without shame or guilt taking over.
To be a mother is to be a mother,
I am good enough,
And you are good enough,
To be a mother.

Published by The Diaries of Donna

I’m a proud mummy of two babies - Toddler Tornado and Little Miss. I like to write when I can about a lot of different things. Usually mental health related. I have “lived experience” of mental illness and perinatal mental illness. I’m also a CSA survivor. Warrior Woman. Loving being a mum. ❤️

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