My name is Donna and I’m a married, mum of two from the UK. I have a little boy and a baby girl – Toddler Tornado and Little Miss. I have “lived experience” of mental illness and perinatal mental illness. I like to write about my experiences via blogs or poetry. Writing keeps me going! I’m a childhood sexual abuse survivor, so I also write about my own experience, as well as general opinion pieces relating to Abuse and Trauma. I have plenty of opinions on different things, and writing helps me express myself. I don’t have to be silent anymore. Hear me roar. I’m a warrior woman.

Becoming a mummy was the best thing ever for me, despite suffering with postpartum psychosis both times. I love my babies so much ❤️

I’m also on Twitter. My username is @MyNewMummyLife and there is a link to my twitter feed in the Menu on my site.

I’ve started to write some spoken word poetry that I one day hope to perform out loud. But for now, I share it on my site.

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